Career Happiness At My Grocery Store

I love Career Happiness. I love to encounter people who so clearly love what they do that it spills over onto everyone in spilling distance.  I have met these people in a variety of workplaces, professions and industries. Some are highly paid, and some are not. In fact, I would go so far as to [...]

Your Job Search: Know Yourself Before you Show Yourself!

by Jeff Wuenker One of the most common mistakes people make in a job search or any kind of career exploration is taking action before doing the preparation, if they ever do any preparation at all. While it is true that the large majority of people find their next job through some kind of [...]

How About a Networking Resolution?

Guest Post by Lindsey Harper Did you have a New Year's  resolution to network more often? So, how's that going? It's not January any more, but any time of year can year can be the perfect time to make a fresh start and to become more proactive about your future.  Leave what you can behind,  look ahead and resolve to [...]

What Are Your Weaknesses? Gulp.

Yep, this is one of those questions we love to hate, we cross our fingers and hope it’s not asked. In my humble opinion, it’s a bad question. My definition of a bad interview question is one that does not typically yield insightful information (but this may be due to a lack of skill on [...]

Got Strengths? Say ‘Em Loud and Proud!

While visiting a friend in Santa Monica last year, I found myself having to maneuver into parallel parking spaces apparently made for Matchbox cars. Each time, I whipped my trusty rental car into the mini-spot on the first try. Now you have to understand that I once backed my car out of the garage with the [...]

What’s your “Career Reputation”?

You probably haven’t thought about that word- reputation- since high school. But isn’t a good reputation key to almost everything you want to accomplish in your career? Think about someone you know who is a person of great integrity, who you would trust completely, BUT who is not good at what he does professionally. He is most [...]

Interviewing? Tell Me About Yourself. Gulp

Oooh! Don’t you love when people ask that? It’s not just for interviewing for a job. In fact, you should always be prepared to answer that. You never know when your next great opportunity will come along and from whom. Pet peeve alert: I hate it when in answer to this question,  someone says “What [...]

What Do You Do? Not So Fast….

Get used to the idea that you are in charge of your career. Not your mother, not your boss, not your spouse. Getting where you want to go MUST be driven by you. You can blame, point fingers, make excuses.  How do you know if you are even in the mindset to get “there”?   Try [...]

Job Search on a “Holiday Hold”? Big Mistake.

If you’re in the job market and are thinking you should just put your job search on hold until after the holidays, here’s a holiday tip for you… think again. Even in a healthy economy, people in job search mode historically have determined on their own that there is little hiring activity during the holiday [...]