Guest post by Christopher Sopko: “The Pyramid of Business Success- and My Career”

Julie's Note: I am always curious about what inspires someone to actually sit down and write a book. Everyone says that they will, but so few do. I have found that one of the primary motivators is that one believes he has something to say that simply must be shared. Rarely is it a "get [...]

Be Happier at Work: Three Things to Do at Your Next Performance Review

Guest post by Sean Conrad Every day I work with organizations who are trying to improve their employee performance management process. And I often hear the same thing: managers and employees don't like doing performance reviews. On the employees' part, it's often because they don't like being judged (who would!); they often complain that they [...]

Three Giant Mistakes Women Make When Leaving The Workforce

Want to leave the workforce to spend time with Junior, but think you may want to rejoin the paid workforce some day? Here are a few mistakes that I have seen made that will most definitely make  any exit and re-entry harder than it has to be. And who wants that? Thinking in “Career Chunks” [...]

Dear Mom and Dad:  Junior Isn’t Ready for His Job Search.  

You are probably aware that every college has a career services office of some type. Some are good, some are mediocre, some are downright useless. Yep. I said it. And when I say it, most people nod their heads vigorously. In the recruiting (marketing!) process you went through when Junior was 18, their college probably [...]

Got a College Age Kid? How to Help- and Hurt- their Career Dreams

Our fab guest poster is Emily Theis, a junior at Ball State University studying Journalism Graphics and Spanish. She is sharing her perspective on ways parents can help their children in college with future decisions. You can get in touch with Emily via or at her website, You remember when you were 21. You [...]

Rock Your Networking!

Very wise guest post by Melissa Crossman...(Thanks Melissa! :)- you are singin' my "networking song!") There are several ways you can bolster your career. You can enlist a resume service to keep your portfolio current, you can stay abreast of industry trends, but one of the easiest- and most important- things you can do is [...]