Dear Mom and Dad:  Junior Isn’t Ready for His Job Search.  

You are probably aware that every college has a career services office of some type. Some are good, some are mediocre, some are downright useless. Yep. I said it. And when I say it, most people nod their heads vigorously. In the recruiting (marketing!) process you went through when Junior was 18, their college probably [...]

Is Career Happiness Possible- or Is It A Unicorn?

  When it comes to being a glass half full or half empty person, admittedly I can be a rainbows, puppies and sunshine person. I wouldn't change it for the world. However, I have often wondered if the message of Career Happiness comes across as, well, maybe too aspirational. Several months ago, I had two [...]

Freedom … Regardless of Age

by Lauren Chesley Cohen Don’t we all remember that day? I actually even remember what I was wearing: a very cool red blazer with 5 inch lapels.  I know exactly where I was standing when the lady took my picture with an old fashioned camera and handed over my laminated card to “virtual freedom.” It [...]

Got a College Age Kid? How to Help- and Hurt- their Career Dreams

Our fab guest poster is Emily Theis, a junior at Ball State University studying Journalism Graphics and Spanish. She is sharing her perspective on ways parents can help their children in college with future decisions. You can get in touch with Emily via or at her website, You remember when you were 21. You [...]

Five Painful Truths About Your Career

No matter what your job or career is, you undoubtedly have good days as well as ones that you wish you could get a do-over on. Join the club. But when the bad starts to outnumber the good, it may be time to mosey on down the road to your next big thing. But before [...]

It’s Your Career! Drive!

Driving your Career has never been more critical. If you don't care about it, why should anyone else? We share a few tips to help you on your journey to career happiness!    If you like it, Share it!

Are You Ready for Your Leap from College to Career?

    by Sunitha Narayanan, MEd., CMF It is true that employers WANT proactive, daring, self-aware and optimistic people to join their work world.  Right?  And, I am sure you are proactive, daring, resilient and optimistic. Agree? So, what might be the issue? Let us talk a bit and explore the meaning of these traits. [...]

In Defense of Being a “Summer Slacker”

This guest post was written by Andre Rouillard, a Junior at Vanderbilt University. So far this summer I’ve had as much free time as anyone could possibly want. Does that make me a slacker? I’ve been working two part-time jobs that have allowed me to schedule huge chunks of free time for myself during most of the [...]

Networking – 7 Sure Fire Ways to Stand Out In a Crowd

Guest post by Anne Baber & Lynne Waymon- Networking Queens! (Julie's note: Can I just tell you that I love these two women? Their networking advice is always on-target, accessible, down-to-earth, and yes, doable! What's not to love about that?) Grab a piece of paper and a calculator and, right now, tally up the amount [...]