The Birthday Party Project & The Amazing Paige!

Guest post by Paige Chenault I was told from a young age that I could be anyone and do anything I wanted to in life, and at the ripe age of 21, I was determined to prove to the world that my parents were right!   My first job was in non-profit and I loved [...]

The Lessons in Loss

Guest Blogger Kristen Brown - Bestselling Author | Speaker | Founder of “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” Mother Teresa Success isn’t magic. Sometimes it seems like it is. You know – there’s always that person who seems to have it all together – a thriving career, genius [...]

Career Happiness, Retirement- and New “Energy”

guest post by John Stowell, former VP, International Stakeholder Relations- Duke Energy   I read somewhere, sometime ago that you should make yourself get out of bed on your first morning of retirement and watch the sun rise.  It’s a reminder that retirement offers to all of us a chance to begin again – an [...]

Career Happiness & Fox19’s Amy Wagner

  I am curious and I love people.  Therefore, aren’t I lucky to be a journalist?” Maybe this has happened to you before. When I first read former network news anchor Peter Jennings’ words, I wished I had said them myself.  His words so simply summed up what I had always struggled to put into [...]

Career Happiness – and Cake!

Julie's Note: Do you ever marvel  at how career success seems to come so easily for some people? Key word here is "seems", because it isn't easy. I love to share stories of people who have so-called "reinvented themselves" because their stories contain nuggets for all of us to take and use in our careers. [...]

Career Happiness At My Grocery Store

I love Career Happiness. I love to encounter people who so clearly love what they do that it spills over onto everyone in spilling distance.  I have met these people in a variety of workplaces, professions and industries. Some are highly paid, and some are not. In fact, I would go so far as to [...]

Your Career, Your Job Search and Company Ethics

Julie's note: I love love love watching clients past and present grow their careers and really shine. Co-author Bruce Patterson is one of those clients. He has developed a real sweet spot in corporate and personal ethics (and don't we need more of that?) I have asked him to share some tips. Shine on Bruce!  [...]

Pie-and Career Happiness!

Boy, do I love a good story about pie. My friend Patricia Kline, the creator of the handheld pie called the iPie, tells her Career Happiness story.    Tell me about your “a-ha” moment- the moment that you realized that you were in your Career Happy zone.  In the summer of 2009, after many board [...]

Got a College Age Kid? How to Help- and Hurt- their Career Dreams

Our fab guest poster is Emily Theis, a junior at Ball State University studying Journalism Graphics and Spanish. She is sharing her perspective on ways parents can help their children in college with future decisions. You can get in touch with Emily via or at her website, You remember when you were 21. You [...]