Three Ways You Are Screwing Up Your Phone Interview

Yes, I'm talking to you, presumably capable and qualified job seeker. You submitted a resume for a position for which you are at a fit. You were contacted for a phone interview. (yay!) The phone interview is scheduled. Just a formality, right? You are already wondering whether you should take your suit for a run through the dry cleaner. You [...]

What in the He** is a Career Coach?

Oh! So you're a recruiter? NO! You wouldn't believe how often we are asked that. So when one of my fab coaches, Jeff, got a thank-you email from one of his happy clients, I thought the client's explanation of the value of having a career coach, a Jeff, was a great answer to the question: "What [...]

Recruiters Don’t Work For You. Ever.

I am sharing part of my book "Stop Peeing on Your Shoes: Avoiding the 7 Mistakes That Screw Up Your Job Search" Want to know more? Download my podcast! Read my ink.  If you ever hear words resembling these come out of your mouth, or anyone else’s mouth for that matter, you will know [...]

Rock Your Interview Follow Up!!

Following up and doing so appropriately is one of the most important- and neglected- part of rocking your interview. So few people send thank-you notes (not emails!) that when you do, you really stand out as a professional- thorough, detail oriented, thoughtful and proactive. It's a way to stand out for all of the right [...]