Using your phone to find a job?

by Whitney Jones Smartphone users are used to having plenty of apps to take care of to-do lists, entertain and stay connected. Whether using apps to pay bills, check your email or watch a YouTube video, mobile apps have made it easier to do every day activities on the go. Add searching for jobs through [...]

Rock Your Networking!

Very wise guest post by Melissa Crossman...(Thanks Melissa! :)- you are singin' my "networking song!") There are several ways you can bolster your career. You can enlist a resume service to keep your portfolio current, you can stay abreast of industry trends, but one of the easiest- and most important- things you can do is [...]

Psst…What’s Your Reputation?

Yes, it matters. It may not be a word you have used since high school, but it matters big time in your quest to reach your career and business goals! Have you ever said anything like the following about someone else? "Sure, you can hire Bob to paint your house. But don't expect him to [...]

Hey Dude, Put Your Phone Down.

I love telling stories about job seekers that help other job seekers! I actually heard an interviewer say to an interviewee over lunch "hey, dude. Put your phone down!" The interviewer was early 40's, conservatively dressed, looked like an banker. The interviewee, early 20's , was dressed for an interview.  They were engaged in conversation, [...]

Are You Making Social Media Gaffes in Your Job Search?!

  Being unaware of the etiquette that is expected on different social media sites can be costly.  It can certainly cost you job opportunities that you might otherwise have been able to take advantage of. Here are some common errors that job hunters make on some of the main social media sites: LinkedIn Appearing desperate. [...]

Social Media: Can It Help You Find A Job?

By Andrew Beccue The world we live in is continually changing and what might have seemed like far-fetched ideas in the past are now becoming reality. As technological innovations continue to develop, more and more people look towards social media for help in areas involving job hunting and job search rather than as just a [...]

Life’s Best Marketing Moments? Every Time You Open Your Mouth

They usually aren’t glossy or multi-colored. And they don’t always come with a rockin’ video link. That website and logo that are the envy of your peers?  Nice, but at the highest level of building a successful business?  Yawn. Yeah, yeah, I know… you have to have all that stuff.  But in my experience, the [...]