Stop Peeing on your Shoes
Career Strategist Julie Bauke’s experience working with thousands of professionals taught her that really smart, accomplished people make the same mistakes over and over again as they seek out their next opportunities.

Why? They were never taught exactly HOW to find a job.

Whether you are just beginning your search, or are smack in the middle of it and feel like you are getting nowhere, this insightful, humorous book will put the spotlight on your search and keep you from making the mistakes that derail job seekers everywhere.

It is full of common sense advice dispensed through client stories that will make you cringe, cheer, and force you to look hard at your own search.

Taken directly from the author’s client files and personal experience, this book delivers tools and the strategies to put your search on the right track.

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The 7 Mistakes That Screw Up Your Job Search

Mistake 1. Jumping in the fire

A job search is like any other important part of your life.  Things go better when you start with a plan. In fact, I’d go so far as to say don’t ever start without a plan. Beginning your job search without a well-thought-out plan is nothing short of foolish.

Mistake 2. Forgetting that it’s all about you

Any good plan starts with the end in mind. Understanding what job is the right job for you is critical to your success in finding it.

Mistake 3. Not managing between your ears

Searching for a job will lead you on an emotional roller coaster. Knowing that, however, doesn’t make it any easier. Your ability to manage your emotions will play a critical role in how quickly you land the job you want.

Mistake 4. Falling into the big, black hole

Yes, the internet and recruiters should play a part in your job search strategy. However, too many people don’t understand the role they should play, and rely on them too much.

Mistake 5. Spending too much time at networking events

I believe you can get the job you want without ever going to a networking event. However, it is very difficult to get that job without networking at all.

Mistake 6. Casting your net too widely

The more focus you apply to your job search – in terms of where you want to work and what you want to do – the better. It is not helpful to have the mindset, “I’m open to any job anywhere.” And, whatever you do, never say those words to a potential employer.

Mistake 7. Overlooking the “gimme” questions

The dreaded, “Tell me about yourself” question. You know it’s coming, so why not be ready?

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I’ve just finished the book and found it a great reminder of many things I knew I should do, plus a good source of things that hadn’t hit my radar yet. An awesome feature is the solid examples that can help me fine tune my messaging and get clear on what I want to do. The best part, it actually made me smile!
Tracy Ruberg

Honestly, I can’t remember a professional/personal development book that was a better use of my time than Julie Bauke’s Stop Peeing On Your Shoes. Within the first few pages, it is obvious that Bauke’s insights and advice come from an extensive and rich experience. Her expertise is authentic; no rhetoric or fluff here. Her message is succinct and so very, very relevant. Most important to me, her suggestions are specific and genuinely worthwhile. Bauke’s irreverence and humor (great stories from her years in outplacement) make the book a quick and fun read. Job seekers at all levels will benefit from Bauke’s insights.
M. Lynn

This book is exactly what every job-hunter needs. It is succinct, direct, and captures all of the big topics one faces when facing the prospect of a job search. AND, it does so with real world examples and humor that makes it a pleasure to read. Julie is no-nonsense about helping people find their ideal work, and her passion and experience in helping scores of people do just that really comes through on every page. There IS hope for every person looking for work in any economy, but you have to do some work to find work. Julie provides the blueprint.
Doug Heilbrun