Career Programs for Organizations

Your best employees, as you know, usually have the most options in the job market. When people feel their options or mobility are limited, they often look for the next best move.

So, are you creating an environment and culture that supports and sustains the careers of your best people?  Have you helped them manage their careers within your organization? Or, are you like many employers — you implicitly tell them their careers are theirs to manage, while leaving them guessing what that actually looks like in your organization?

We offer a variety of career programs and services.

Internal Career Coaching (for your most valued Associates)

Your key associates may need an objective, external sounding board from time to time. Give them their own “Chief Career Officer.”

Executive Coaching

Effective leadership, as you know, is imperative to maintaining a fully engaged and productive workforce.  Sometimes your leaders just need a tweak or an “Aha!” to best use their skills and talents in the service of your organization.

Career Management Tools & Training

Keeping your valued associates is critical.  Their career success is directly tied to the success of your organization. We give them the tools to manage their careers inside your organization.  Our services can be delivered in groups or one-on-one, in person, or virtually through webinars or teleseminars. For example:

  • “Career Driver” Training

No one teaches us what to do to effectively manage our own careers, so most people just put their head down and hope for the best. What if your associates knew how to assess your organization’s short and long term needs, stay abreast of the industry and their profession, and align their skills and knowledge accordingly?

  • Networking Skill Development

Employees at every level must build positive relationships at work, and in their professional communities. But when have you ever seen “relationship building” on a to-do list?

  • Professional Skill Acceleration

For associates who need to develop key skills around professional image and etiquette, appropriate use of technology, or building professional relationships post-college.