Organizational Career Transition Planning and Communication

Regardless of the organizational problems you are facing, we’ve been there — whether with one employee or a department.

We’ve been there with numerous organizations as they tackled some of the same challenges you are probably facing. We know how to handle these tough situations with dignity and respect, and in a way that considers the remaining staff. After all, they are the ones who will move your organization forward.

Some issues you might want to consider:

  • Notifier Training. We can prepare those who will deliver the message to do so in a way that gives them the tools to handle these situations with confidence.
  • Messaging.  Have you given thought to what message you want your remaining colleagues to hear? How and when will you deliver it? Remember, if they hear it “through the grapevine” instead of from your leadership, they may lose respect for the organization and begin their own job search.
  • Remaining employees. How will you help those remaining move forward  (hint: “Just be glad you have a job” is the wrong message to send for many different reasons). Consider Programs on Change and Resilience to give those remaining the tools to stay productive and engaged in tough time.

Career Transition for Professionals

We treat each client as an individual and give him or her the tools, support, and know-how to move forward confidently.

  • Career Happiness. Our Career Transition programs can be delivered one-on-one or in groups, in person, or virtually. Regardless of how the services are delivered, our focus is on giving each person the knowledge, skills, and tools to find his or her Career Happiness.

Career Transition for Senior Executives

Yes, transition on the executive level is different. We have the experience to provide customizable services to each departing leader.

  • Customized. Delivered entirely one-on-one, our Senior Executive services help your departing leaders leave with dignity and respect, and in a way that considers both his or her needs and reputation, and the reputation of your organization.