Jill McBride is the Founder & Owner of JZMcBride and Associates. Founded in 1996, JZMcBride and Associates works with a select clientele to provide focused and attentive public relations and marketing services. They specialize in positively affecting customer behavior and engendering long-term loyalty with services that include media relations, project management, direct marketing and event planning.

Before I was Jill McBride, Queen of Public Relations, I was best known as Jill McBride, Queen of

Loyalty Marketing.  I sold and managed loyalty marketing programs for eight years before starting my own marketing and public relations agency in 1996.

I knew my business was going to make it when… 

Our clients were so pleased with our work that they started to refer others to us.  And, we outgrew two offices in three years.

Your dog, Maude, comes to work with you and makes frequent appearances in your company related posts, etc. In my mind, she is a part of your brand. Was that intentional?  

I’d like to say it was a clever,  calculated strategy but it really happened organically.  She’s a really good dog and I missed her during the day so I tried it and everyone  in the office liked having her around.  I do think it speaks to the kind of environment we’re trying to create and I’m open to having more      pets in the office (just no snakes) provided they all get along.

You have a client whose products are family focused and whose company reputation is squeaky clean.  The President, who also owns the company, is caught sending inappropriate text messages to an intern. She calls Nancy Grace and is scheduled to appear on her show tonight with all of the scoop. Gloria Allred has left this intern  several messages on her cell phone. Jill McBride, Queen of PR , what do you do?  

Our advice in these kind of crisis situations is to tell the truth, be authentic, and if you need to, ask for forgiveness.  The public is very forgiving when someone is genuinely remorseful. It’s always a mistake to hide from a potential PR crisis and do nothing. You end up letting others (the media, your competitors, the other party) tell your story for you.

If you had to choose one  personal disaster to befall you, would you rather walk around all day with the back of your skirt tucked into your underwear, or realize at the end of the day that  because you ran out of Bounce for your dryer, you have been dragging your mom’s bra she left behind on her recent visit, sticking out from under your pants leg all day?

Oh geez, can I pick “d” none of  the above? My mom told me to always check my teeth for lipstick before I get out of the car or leave the house.  It was good advice.

Nice dodge, Jill! You really are the Queen of PR!

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