My theory is that every wildly successful woman is standing on a mountain of crap. And by crap I mean disappointments, failures, bad days, missteps, miscues, tears, and days or weeks when you were sure that you were going to be living in your car. It is so easy when we look at someone who appears to be at the top of the world to think that she was born there- that it was easy for her, or that she has something you don’t. We are full of excuses and reasons why we aren’t enough. I wish I could tell you that I have figured out all of the reasons why that is, and that I have the solution, but I don’t.

As women, I think we are pretty darn good at learning from each other. We aren’t afraid to ask for advice or good ideas and we willingly share our resources, our contacts and our arms for a needed hug. (If you aren’t like that, or are surrounded by women who aren’t, you are missing out on one of life’s greatest pleasures. But that’s just my opinion.)

Why is it then that we all seem to carry around some measure of  ”I’m not good enough” or “No one will (or should?) take me seriously” or “Who cares what I think/ have to offer?” Sometimes, we are not even aware that we have those mental barriers, but they arise to “slap us back” any time we begin to take a step forward in our thinking.

Don’t brag, don’t talk about yourself, share the credit (which too often becomes “give all of the credit away”), who do you think you are?    

Why do we fall prey to this thinking? Why do we stop short of what and who we could really become? And I guarantee that even the most successful women you know or know of still struggle with some level of this thinking.


Think about your career. Does this resonate with you? Have there been times when you have stepped back, or just not stepped up when an opportunity arose that was interesting to you? Did you let someone else take the credit for your good work?  Bet you have and bet you regretted it later.

Here is your assignment. Write are the things that you rock at like no one else. What do you get complimented on the most? What are you excited about having the opportunity to do? What have been your greatest successes? Keep in mind, when I say greatest, I am not about “ending world hunger” level stuff. Think about when you hit a personal or professional home run- leading a project, raising a lot of money, retaining a client who was ready to walk, solving a difficult problem. What do you look like at your most capable? Yep, write it all down. How can you get more of “that” in your personal or professional life? Now do it.

If, on a scale of 1-10, you feel like that you are engaging your full potential and power at about a 6, imagine the possibilities if you just stepped it up to a 7. What would that feel like? What impact would it have on your career, your life, your relationships, your finances?

Now let’s get crazy! What if we all did?

Let’s climb Crap Mountain together!