Can it still be news that each of us must firmly place ourselves in the driver’s seat of our careers? It must still be news, because very few people act like it. Intellectually, few dispute the notion that your organization wants you until the day they don’t. But when it comes to actually taking action that reflects that mindset, frankly, most of us are asleep at the wheel.

What does it mean to be in the driver’s seat? To be in constant action in managing our careers?

And if you are a leader of others, once you have this nailed for yourself, how are you clearing the way for them to better manage their careers?

As any good flight attendant would tell you, strap on your oxygen mask first, then help those around you with theirs.

For You:

  • Invest your time, energy and resources in reading books, listening to podcasts, and attending conferences, events and workshops. Yep, even if you have to pay for it yourself. That is why it is called an investment. Learn from thought leaders and give yourself the space to reflect and renew.
  • Make it a priority to connect with people in your network who you respect. Commit to a coffee or lunch once a month with someone who you want to continue to build a relationship. Once a quarter, reach out to someone new that you’d love to have in your network.

For Your Team:

  • Give them the space and the permission to breathe- and focus on themselves. Is everything such an emergency that 125% of everyone’s time and energy must always be fully engaged and moving 80 mph? I doubt it. That’s a sure way to lose your best people.
  • Find opportunities to learn together. It can be so powerful to have your whole team hear the same messages simultaneously, as it creates the opportunity to get momentum as you return to the office refreshed and aligned.


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