It’s Your Career and Your Life

Together … powerfully aligned and moving forward on your terms for a life of professional and personal fulfillment.

The power for you to take control and have what you want is here. Right now.

Work with a powerful purpose, one providing a full life where you achieve both your personal and professional goals;

Get a balanced life where your career provides the gateway to a personal life filled with contentment and satisfaction — a life spending time doing the meaningful things you really want to do;

Ensure a powerful brand in your career, with a significant and differentiated presence, and with the clout, credibility, and respect of your peers; and

Align your professional goals and vision with your personal goals and vision, increase your contribution to your world and provide a better life for your family and those around you.

Get a Chief Career Officer, and Get…

  •  Momentum. You may be feeling stuck where you are,  not knowing if the role you’re in is the right one, but unclear as to what to do next. You’re not alone. Together, we’ll take a good, hard look at your career to date, discover who you are today professionally, and decide how to best move forward to get what you want, not only in your next career move, but in your other life moves.
  • A focused career plan. You’re not happy with the status quo, and are not happy with the prospect of moving through your career and life down a path an organization has laid out for you. You shouldn’t be! We’ll take a longer-term view of your career.  As your career advances, you’ll become smarter about how you create and steer through your options to achieve both your professional and personal goals.
  • More power for your work, your career, and your life. You may not be sure what that looks like, or how to get it. Few do. We will create and execute a powerful strategy for your work and career in which you’ll maximize your impact on your organization, your industry, your peers, and your life.
  • Accountability, objectivity, and a fierce advocate partnering with you for your career! You’ll partner with a career strategist — a Chief Career Officer — with extensive experience working with clients from senior executives, to professional athletes, and to highly successful professionals, all who sought career satisfaction and personal fulfillment and attained the life they searched for.

“I’ve strongly appreciated and respected the variety and depth of the professional insights offered by Julie Bauke at several key points in my career, in addition to her serving as a trusted personal confidant. Julie’s tremendous breadth of experience in providing both fresh perspectives and pragmatic counsel are invaluable to anyone evaluating his or her next career path decision. As an experienced senior executive, I’ve found that it is rare to find an independent adviser who truly understands all of the key factors to be considered in this important decision making process. She clearly has the skills and personality to help executives ask the necessary difficult questions regarding self-reflection, help coach them in identifying answers, and do so with a very positive attitude and encouraging sense of humor.”

Dave Evans, Vice President – Marketing & Sales

“I was a reluctant potential client when I was introduced to Julie. Reluctant because my past career success convinced me that finding the next career opportunity would be just another task I would complete. Like an effective manager, Julie helped me be accountable to myself, served as a sounding board and helped me see my blind spots. She is able to focus her experience collected from countless clients to serve as your trusted adviser for career happiness. She pushed when I need pushing and redirected my thinking at just the right moment. Besides yourself, no one will care about your career as much as Julie.”

David Garascia, Vice President — Sales

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You are already successful. You’ve worked hard. You’ve paid your dues. You’ve done what you’re “supposed” to do. Now let’s get what you want!

This unique program isn’t for everyone. And we don’t take on just anyone as a client. It’s only for motivated, intentional executives who really want amazing results. Is that you?