Your job title has been Chief Mom or Chief Dad Officer for the last few years, but now you have decided it’s time to change jobs. And if you are like most, the thought conjures up all kinds of fears, doubts and insecurities. Will anyone hire me? Do I have anything to offer? Do I still have “it”? I don’t know you, but I’m pretty sure the answers are “yes, yes and yes.” Yet, you must be aware that work has changed, and it is your responsibility to get caught up. And that in itself will take work on your part.

But it is also very easy to get derailed in your quest to re-enter the paid workforce. The good news is that it is all in your control!

Get your work skills and your knowledge up to date.

Better yet, don’t let them get out of date in the first place! It is not your new employer’s responsibility to catch you up on all of the things that have changed since you left the workforce. There are so many free or low cost flexible online learning options, in addition to great clubs and professional associations that help you keep one foot in the workforce with little effort.

Get your look up to date

Yep, your hair, your clothes, your glasses. What you wore to volunteer at your kids’ school will likely not cut it when people are sizing you up as a serious candidate.  Should it matter? Maybe not, but it does. Decision makers need to be able to envision you in the role. Make it easy for them.

Start organizing your child care arrangements

Sick days, school holidays, snow days. You know they are coming. Lock em down.

Take a good look at the big picture and be realistic.

Some things may need to go. Do your kids really need to be in every single activity they are in? If so, set up very reliable carpools. It is not your employer’s responsibility to ensure that your schedule allows you to get Jimmy to Lacrosse. Set up a master calendar and train everyone in your house to live by it. And don’t apologize for not being SuperWoman.

Create and LIVE  your professional presence. 

If there is a hint of concern about your ability to transition back to the workforce, you must do all you can to show your professional side. Don’t talk solely about your family, and don’t spend the day texting your kids. Creating boundaries is important for you and for your family.  A hiring manager told me a story about trying to set up a phone interview with a woman trying to re-enter the workforce. He was frustrated because she couldn’t find the time- and felt the need to list all of the reasons- daughter’s soccer practice, mother-in- law’s birthday dinner, etc. Please save that “oversharing” for your friends.

Our “Career Happiness” Program

If you are serious about Defining, Getting and Owning your Career Happiness, no matter where you are in your career, this program is for you. We like to say we “meet you where you are,” so your program will be customized to meet your goals. For example:

  • Job Change
    If you are already in or are considering starting a job search, we work with you to develop your professional identity and profile, your communications strategy (LinkedIn profile, resume, and core messages), your networking skills and plan, your target company list that is focused on your desired outcomes, and prepare you to rock your interviews.
  • Career Change, Reboot or Refresh
    If you want to explore where you are now, where you have been or where you want to go, we guide you through the process, asking the hard questions, helping you see and articulate your professional self right now. We work with you to figure out your best options and develop a plan to get there.

What we work on together:

  • Career-to-Date Review and Exploration of Future Options
    We can help you evaluate your career, either short or long term. Includes assessment as appropriate.

Outcome: Better self-awareness and clarity around your career goals and vision.

  • Communication Strategy Development
    Your resume, LinkedIn profile, and core messages are critical as you position yourself for success in today’s market.

Outcome: A finished resume, LinkedIn profile, and core messages. In other words, your “professional story” so that people know what you want them to know about you.

  • Networking Skills and Target List Development
    It is no secret that building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships is a core skill and key action to not only a productive job search, but to proactive career management. A target list based on your skills, interests, and goals is often the secret weapon to getting the job you want.

Outcome: Development of your networking strategy and your target list and a greater ability to effectively utilize them in your “career happiness” quest.

  • Interview Skill Development, Preparation and Practice
    You work hard to get to the interview , whether that interview is in person, phone or Skype, outside or inside your current organization. And too often, it all falls apart in the interview. Don’t let that happen to you. We will work with you to get you ready to shine in an authentic way versus memorizing and spewing answers to questions based on what you think the interviewer wants to hear.

Outcome: Although there are no guarantees that you will get the job or even move to the next level of interviews, you will be better prepared, more confident, and in a better position to show up with the edge you need.

  • If you want to control your “career destiny,” and create a roadmap instead of relying on others to tell you what is best for you, this is for you.
  • Maybe you dream of being your own boss, of reinventing yourself someday, or of building a life that includes a career, but isn’t ruled by it. You may even be relatively happy where you are now, but you know the responsibility of staying that way is up to you.
  • Partner with one of our experienced Career Advisors to take a good look at where you’ve been, and where you want your career to go.  We’ll work with you, side by side, to create the map to get there.

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