Oh! So you’re a recruiter? NO! You wouldn’t believe how often we are asked that. So when one of my fab coaches, Jeff, got a thank-you email from one of his happy clients, I thought the client’s explanation of the value of having a career coach, a Jeff, was a great answer to the question:

“What in the He** is a Career Coach?

“Having finally landed and caught my breath, I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your support throughout the process of my job search.  The benefit of having a coach throughout one’s search extends far beyond the mechanics of “how to” search for the right next step in my career.  You brought so much value in many other areas that are just as important.

The benefit of having a coach provides the opportunity:

  • to have an impartial sounding board for ideas without any risk of vetting the concepts (in a networking meeting or interview)
  • having someone safe to talk to about any concerns in the process – even the best of friends get tired of hearing about your situation
  • Removes the need to continuously rely on one’s spouse/partner to discuss fears – when they themselves are dealing with their own fears relative to the job loss. As the father and husband (or mother and wife as the case often is), we often need to demonstrate that strength and confidence, regardless of how we’re necessarily feeling during those “down moments”.

Having a coach allows the opportunity to rationally discuss concerns, vent at bad periods, and boost confidence while keeping faith in the process. Thank you for all you have done and for your commitment to my success.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!