What Makes Us Unique?

The Bauke Group is a career coaching and consulting firm with a single purpose:

To educate, inspire, and support professionals in all stages of their careers.

WE are Career Experts and do not dabble in other areas

Each member of our team has spent time working for and being trained by the global leader in career services. We know our stuff.

WE value each client as an individual

Everyone’s situation, desires, and needs are different and we treat them as such. We also know that cookie-cutter, mostly virtual hands-off career services don’t work.

WE think big, we think long-term about careers, we focus on personal satisfaction

We challenge our clients to do the same. It’s not enough to think about the next job in today’s world. Rather, you have to think about the next one, and the one after that … and you have to believe that career satisfaction and happiness are attainable.

WE are savvy business professionals

Each member of our team has spent considerable time working in diverse business environments, and we know what organizations are facing.

WE have combined our talents and experiences to create a unique career firm

We focus on business professionals who want to manage their careers toward being Career Happy.

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